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One Beautiful Life

A Women's Retreat

Explore your Inner Roadmap to Wellbeing
August 11-13, 2023  ///  Alto, MI

One beautiful life.  What does this mean for you?  


In a world that makes it hard to cut through the noise and find your center, can you still cultivate a heart-centered roadmap for personalized wellbeing?  And when you do, can you easefully fit these new rituals or routines into your busy life, in a way that supports you on a day-to-day basis?   


Join Tina Derusha of Luna Zen Breathwork and Katie Venechuk of In Your Element Wellness for a weekend dedicated to answering these questions.  During this retreat, you'll be invited into a beautiful West Michigan forested setting and held in an experience that will help you relax deeply, access your center, and uncover the power of your personal compass and roadmap to wellbeing.

Weaving together a variety of wellness modalities, as well as art, time in nature, space for personal reflection, and so much more, this phase in your wellness journey is more than just a weekend away.  You'll walk back into your life with realistic tools that align with your own heart-centered roadmap, helping you honor your daily wellbeing long into the future.

...what does it mean to you to be well in this one beautiful life?

Join us and discover the answer.

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