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A Women's Wellness Retreat

Aug 11, 2023, 7:00 PM EDT – Aug 13, 2023, 3:00 PM EDT
Shenanigans Retreat Center,
13616 92nd St SE, Alto, MI 49302, USA
Cultivate a Daily Self-Care Practice That Sticks

Nurture Your Heart

Explore Your Inner Roadmap to Wellbeing

 Your Life





This retreat weekend invites you to awaken your true essence by exploring your inner roadmap to wellbeing.

Immerse yourself in thoughtfully designed workshops, personalized coaching, and mindful activities that deepen your understanding of the significance of being witnessed in a community of Empowered Women as you connect, learn, and grow together.

Enjoy communal spaces, fresh air, nourishing meals, time to unwind and reflect, and the resources to be creative. You'll integrate practices that wake you up to life and resonate on a soul level.

We're on a mission to curate what is sacred. We help the woman who craves more meaning and connection in her life to cultivate a cherished daily self-care practice aligned with her values, grounded in purpose, following the rhythms of nature, and calibrated to her deepest heart’s desires.

Our commitment is honoring the 'We' in wellness. The 'You' in youthful play. And the 'I' in igniting your heart!



This experience is designed to be more than just a pampering weekend away.
This is an opportunity for support that begins as soon as you register to join us, flowing into our retreat weekend and beyond as you claim what it means to live your One Beautiful Life.

Image by Omid Armin


In a world that makes it hard to cut through the noise and find your center, can you still cultivate a heart-centered roadmap for personalized wellbeing? And when you do, can you easefully fit these new rituals or routines into your busy life, in a way that supports you on a day-to-day basis?   


Join us for a weekend dedicated to answering these questions. During this retreat, you'll be invited into a beautiful West Michigan forested setting and held in an experience that will help you relax deeply, access your center, and uncover the power of your personal compass and roadmap to wellbeing.

Weaving together a variety of wellness modalities, as well as art, time in nature, space for personal reflection, and so much more, this phase in your wellness journey is more than just a weekend away. You'll walk back into your life with realistic tools that align with your own heart-centered roadmap, helping you honor your daily wellbeing long into the future.

...what does it mean to you to be well in this one beautiful life?


Design an inspired and realistic daily self-care practice that celebrates the essence of who you are

Fortify your inner compass so that you can take action on what matters most to you in life without self-doubt or overwhelm

Learn how to slow down and savor the season you are living in, amplifying presence and consciousness in every moment of your life

Become the architect of your life and come home to the truth of what you feel called to express, letting your heart lead the way

Own your boundaries with grace and ease to invite more of what you love and release what drains you

Allow yourself to be a human BEING instead of a human DOING, learning to rest and recharge without feeling guilty or anxious in the process

Activate a state of flow, opportunity and creative expression, empowering your most authentic inner voice to flow proudly into the world

Bask in the beauty of Michigan and discover new tools and self-care practices that nurture feelings of connection and belonging, heightening the vibrancy that exists within you


Meet your hosts and facilitators.

Learn about our transformational journeys!


Co-Host /// Breathwork Facilitator ///

Meditative Storyteller /// Wellbeing Writer

Tina Derusha - She/Her

Luna Zen Breathwork

"My vision for this retreat is to create an immersive and supportive environment that empowers women to find their true North, claim their voice, and curate what is sacred."

💌 My love letter to YOU:

Catch the flow of your creative energy - the current of life. Calibrate to your intuition, letting it guide and lay a path before you. Stop living in fear of being seen. Stop hiding. Stop putting yourself last. Stop the busyness as a means of distraction from feeling and owning your emotions. Embrace your power. Claim your voice. Cultivate your sacred practice—one that supports and honors your talents, aspirations, and relationships. Tap into the innate wisdom that lives in your bones and allow your heart to lead the way. Create your roadmap. Follow your compass. Embrace liberation. Navigate life on your terms. LIVE, inspired. 🌬️✨

In Tina's Words...
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Co-Host /// Forest Therapy Guide /// Foraging & Wild Tending Instructor /// Yoga Teacher

Katie Venechuk - She/Her

In Your Element Wellness

"My vision for this retreat is to help women nurture a self-loving and self-honoring relationship with their life."

💌 My love letter to YOU:

OH, this life.  It's busy, hectic, and fast-paced.  It's really easy to be swept along by the current and simply live out our days trying not to drown.  I know.  I've been there.  (Listen to my story below to learn more.)  But while our responsibilities can make it feel nearly impossible to change this pattern, self-care rituals truly do hold a beautiful seed of potential to transform your life.  They provide you with a powerful doorway inward, which is where you can discover deep clarity on who you are, what you truly yearn for in this life, and what you really need to be happy.  If you're feeling lost, overwhelmed, or stuck - perhaps these feelings are your invitation from within.  Your inner roadmap may be offering you a clue that something is off, and that the next phase in your journey is waiting for you.  We are here to empower you, lift you up, offer you tools, and support you in your journey toward a beautiful life.  We hope to see you in August!

In Katie's Words...
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Shenanigans Retreat Center is a charming and intimate group destination nestled in the woodlands of West Michigan. It's set back from an idyllic country road, surrounded by black cherry, maple, oak, and beech trees and open golden fields beyond the back perimeter.

In a word, it's PEACEFUL.

The retreat space is designed for women who long for communal spaces where they can connect, explore, relax, and enjoy alone time on the land while returning to the rhythms of nature.

You'll find two cozy bedrooms featuring five single beds in each room for a shared living experience; think college dorm days, only comfier beds!


There are two full bathrooms with beautifully tiled walk-in shower stalls. Shenanigans is appointed with a full kitchen, coffee/tea bar, creativity workshop area, living room, and open-rafter meditation/movement area.


The real beauty of this location is the property itself. It has a lovely small side garden, a patio area with comfy lounge seating, and a bonfire pit. The surrounding tree canopy feels like a hug for your soul.