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Tina: About Us


So how exactly does breathwork fit into an artful equation? With a kiss on the forehead from Serendipity herself.

As a multi-passionate entrepreneur, I've made my way by being immersed in the art world. The creative process is my soul language. I've had successful careers as a portrait photographer, gallery director, fashion event producer, and art consultant.

How, then, did I become a breathworker?

My breathwork journey began at the crossroads of Emotional Transformation and Spiritual Awakening. In October of 2015, at the age of 42, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. It turned my world upside-down. I was angry, sad, and scared. The physical trauma and mental anguish consumed me for a full year as I navigated surgeries and treatments. However, being sick and confronted with death served as a wake call. I became determined to learn how to heal my mind, body, and soul — no longer allowing fear to rule my life.

The missing piece of my puzzle clicked into place when a friend asked me to join her for a meditative breathing workshop at a local wellness studio. Her invitation was a knowing, "I've got a hunch this is going to be up your alley." Having practiced yoga and meditation for several years, it aligned nicely with my holistic wellness mindset. I thought, "All right; I'm game." That casual yes changed the trajectory of my life.

The beauty of breathwork is that it meets you right where you are.

Laying on my yoga mat for that first breathwork experience, I expected a relaxing meditation, with some easy breathing thrown in for good measure. What unfolded can only be described as an epic spiritual renewal. The breathing technique led me inward, where I had never gone before. Deep. And I purged four decades' worth of repressed emotional baggage from my psyche in the matter of an hour. I felt 1,000 lbs lighter and completely reborn.

The epiphany: I had spent my entire life searching for validation, looking for my worth from the outside. I had made myself sick - mentally, physically, and spiritually. It was time to take back control.

I left that wellness studio knowing three things: 1. I felt alive and whole, 2. I was fundamentally different at my core, no longer needing anyone else's permission to be me and, 3. I knew that I needed to teach this powerful practice to other wellness seekers.

That was my jumping-off point into the deep end of the pool.

Within a month, I'd researched the different styles of breathwork and invested in a program to become a certified facilitator. However, COVID-19 laid the framework for different plans. As the world scrambled to realign with the reality of travel bans and unpredictable outbreaks, my training shifted from in-person to online. I spent the pandemic lockdown immersed in learning the practice. With focus and dedication, I finished my training and launched Luna Zen so I could begin helping others right away. These days, I facilitate online to a broader audience than I ever dreamt of reaching, something I wouldn't have considered pre-pandemic.

Looking at it now, breathwork is an obvious addition to my life skills arsenal and an energetic evolution of my creative expansion and calling. It fills me with passion and purpose. It's my soul's language and the frequency at which I serve other people. This consciousness informs and guides my core principle of being focused on present moment awareness as I lead others on their own healing journey.

Why the name Luna Zen?


In June 2020, my holistic Breathwork practice was born. I chose Luna Zen as my business namesake because so much healing and growth happen by the moon's light. While we're busy capturing new information during the day, we do most of our synthesis and subconscious integration of all that data while we sleep at night. The circadian rhythm helps us process, absorb, grow, and transform faster.


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