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★ Feel .·:*¨༺ Heal ༻¨*:·. Flow ★

Welcome. I'm Tina, your guide on the journey toward discovering a life of joy, wonder, simplicity, and profound fulfillment.

I specialize in restorative breathwork and body movement practices that ignite a sense of connection and calm in creatives, soulpreneurs, and wellness seekers like you. Find freedom by tapping into your greatest resource - FLOW.

I understand your longing for a simpler life. You are driven by a desire to tap into your intuition and experience the peace of living in the present moment.

As your facilitator, my mission is to help you cultivate a daily ritual of practices that encourage you to pause, be, and provide rest in your soul so that you feel nourished and refreshed.

With my blend of breathwork and somatic release techniques, you'll learn to harness your breath for a transformational experience designed to relax you deeply while enhancing your clarity, creativity, and calm.

You'll begin to see the world in new and vibrant ways. This sensory awareness is your wellspring of creative fuel for your imagination and passions. It opens the doors to healing and understanding your higher purpose.

I'm glad you're here... and excited to be a part of your journey!

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Breath is a benchmark of your mood, and mood influences your breath. If you learn to master how you breathe, you have the power to transform your emotional landscape. When your mood changes, so does your breath.

Controlling the breath rather than letting it control you is a skill that will change your life!

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I'd love to share more about what makes breathwork such an amazing tool for your mind-body-spirit connection!

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