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★ Feel .·:*¨༺ Heal ༻¨*:·. Flow ★

Welcome. My name is Tina and I'm passionate about teaching creatives, healers, and wellness seekers empowered breathing practices that unleash the flow state, awaken the soul, and give life to inspired work that matters. 

I know that you're driven by a deep desire to find joy and connection in your life and through your craft. Inspiration is can be tricky; it doesn't just appear when you need it. It takes vulnerability and a willingness to be a fearless explorer of your inner world to be exceptional.

I'm here to share breathing practices that become a part of your winning formula. When you learn how to harness your breath, everything changes! Your creative genius is set free.

My breathwork sessions are designed specifically for creative visionaries like you. Sessions blend breathwork, somatic release techniques, and energy healing into a transformational experience that will help you relax deeply while boosting focus, clarity, calm, and creativity.

I'll teach you how to cultivate the inner space where you flow effortlessly in your zone of excellence!

I'm glad you're here.

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