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Tina Derusha

Founder of Luna Zen Breathwork

You'll find Tina at the crossroads of mindfulness, neuroscience, spirituality, and creative flow. Her passion is teaching people how to harness their mind-body-breath connection. She founded her breathwork practice, Luna Zen in 2020. Tina is also the co-author of Flip and Flow, a series of thoughtfully designed mindful adventure flipbooks that help families find calm and children develop emotional intelligence. She's a certified YOGABODY® Breath and Flexibility Coach, HeartMath Trauma-Sensitive Practitioner and Pranayama Breathwork Facilitator. Tina is a proud West Michigan native who adores her husband, two dogs, and two cats. She’s a breast cancer thriver who loves any opportunity to soak up cultural experiences through travel, art, food, and nature. To learn more about Tina, please visit:

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Katie Venechuk

Founder of In Your Element Wellness

Katie is a former environmental engineer turned forest therapy guide, foraging instructor and nature-focused yoga teacher. She is the founder and creator of the Grand Rapids-based wellness company In Your Element; offering experiences that help people naturally reduce stress, rediscover the wonders of nature, and tap into the wellness benefits of tech-free time outdoors. Katie's journey has been a winding one, beginning with eight years working as an engineer and specialist in the environmental sector before making the decision to change her life path to go abroad and volunteer. After her time in Africa and subsequent time spent living in the wild while backpacking in Patagonia, Katie returned home to Michigan with a new vision for what she wanted in life. In 2020, she launched In Your Element and her life hasn’t been the same since. Katie believes that a consistent self-care practice offers us a powerful doorway inward - deepening our relationship to ourselves and the ones we love, while offering us clarity on what we truly desire for this One Beautiful Life that we have been gifted. Katie is a Certified Forest Therapy Guide with the Association of Nature and Forest Therapy, a registered yoga teacher with nearly 7 years of teaching experience, an experienced foraging, wild tending, and wild food instructor, and a Michigan Master Naturalist certified by Michigan State University. Katie also has a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering with a specialization in water resources, from Michigan State University. To learn more about Katie, please visit:

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Whitney Pyles

Founder of Whitney Dawn Movement & Coaching

Whitney is a certified Somatic Coach & Human Design Guide. She uses dance/movement and body-oriented coaching to empower people to cultivate more joy, ease, and authenticity in their lives. She leads movement opportunities online and in-person in Grand Rapids that weave together somatic awareness techniques, gently guided movement, and intuitive dance. Her 1 on 1 and group coaching services help people in transition remain present, navigate challenging decisions, honor their uniqueness, and embody their most authentic selves. To learn more about Whitney, please visit:

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Nora Faber-Overvoorde

Founder of Nora Faber Gallery

Nora was born in Grand Rapids, MI, moved to McBain until she returned to Grand Rapids to attend Calvin University. Nora received a Bachelors in Art Education and a minor in Psychology. After 22 years of teaching Art, she is currently enrolled in Somatic Therapy Certification classes and teaching Soma Flow, Core Activation classes. She is also teaching private Art, Art Therapy and Somatic Coaching sessions.

Nora’s process of painting is intuitive and layered. She adds acrylic mixes, matte medium, salt, plants and objects to add intention and a texture of foundation to her Claybord. When these layers dry, she etches and rubs oils overtop to create more depth and meaning to her soul renderings. To learn more about Nora, please visit:

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Sarah Elstran

Founder of The Nunnery

The Nunnery begins with one voice, layered upon itself becoming a lush soundscape. Sarah Elstran is an independent musician from the midwest that bridges the gap between bright-eyed pop composition and hands-on atmospheric live layering of voice. Her vocal loops give us the kind of detail and wide multi-octave range that we might come to expect from a marquee pop star, while her production decisions continually keep us guessing as to what rabbit holes her tracks might fall into next. To learn more about Sarah, please visit:

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We're excited to have two guests joining us over the retreat weekend. Hanna will be offering massages on Friday. Check out the booking page for all of the details and to reserve your spot early. Jenna will be preparing our celebratory brunch on Sunday!

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