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Breathwork Integration

Hey Breathworker, how are you feeling after all that good breathing you did? It's important to give yourself some time to process. That's what integration is all about. You may have had immediate A-has during your session, or you may find that realizations come to you a bit more slowly. In either case, leave room for contemplation and know your process will unfold as it's right for you. Emotional work takes time!

If you would like to go deeper with a qualified mental health professional, please download THIS VETTED LIST OF THERAPISTS for the greater Grand Rapids area. And, of course, I'm only an email or phone call away if you have questions or would like additional resources about breathwork.

Thank you for trusting me to hold space for your breathwork journey. May these practices heal, balance, and keep you in flow. Breathe Easy!

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What to Expect: Video
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